Sales and export

  PHARMA SOLUTIONS s.r.o. has been approved to sell and export medicinal products within the EU. We offer medicines from the Czech Republic and the rest of Europe to approved distributors within the EU countries.

Parallel import

  Parallel import is based on the principle of the free movement of goods within the EU countries. When it comes to the parallel import of medicinal products, the original medicine is imported from another EU country and sold in the Czech Republic on an equal footing with the original manufacturer's Czech packaging. The medicine is purchased from EU distributors in abroad who have been approved by the state institutes for drug control in their respective countries. All pharmaceuticals those are imported and distributed must be approved by the local medicines agency, by the Czech State Institute for Drug Control (SUKL Praha) or by the central European Medicines Agency. There is no difference between parallelly imported medicines and original medicines. Often the medicines will, however, be repackaged in new Czech boxes, or have Czech labels attached to the original boxes of the parallelly imported medicines.

Contract manufacturing

  With our affiliated partners we offer a large range of production possibilities, as well as an excellent ratio quality/price. Formulate your demand and we will make tailor-made offer for you. Also the veterinary medicaments manufacture meets the basic standards of European manufacture of veterinary medicaments, both in the field of good manufacturing practice, research and development or sales policy.

  Examples of activities we offer:   We focus our effort on constant improvements in quality and higher effectiveness of individual substances and end products. Sophisticated production technologies, such as micronization, nanotechnology, microencapsulation, soft tableting, and enteric solvent film-coating of tablets are applied.



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